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Mercy Angels Foundation provides a home(Mercy Home Orphanage): It was opened on the 24th November 2001. The Home was commissioned by Her Excellency, Late First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Mrs. Stella Obasanjo. The Home provides total care as well as medical and educational attention for orphans. Tertiary education is provided to orphans, after the completion of their primary and secondary education at Mercy Angels Foundation schools on her campus.

Presently seven(7) of the orphans have graduated from Kaduna State University with bachelor’s degrees; eight others are present in universities and other higher institutions of learning such as Kaduna State Polytechnic. Other children who aren’t formal education inclined, are currently undergoing empowerment under informal training within fields such as Mechanics, Shoemaking, Carpentry, Hairdressing, Tailoring. Some of them have completed such training, and they are currently self-sufficient teenagers.

Mercy Home Orphanage is ministering in the midst of great needs which are peculiar in developing countries. Life expectancies are low, orphans are many, and medicines and medical care are often scarce with many children facing a bleak future.

Mercy Home by December of 2005 has had over 1700 babies born at the Clinic, Immunization has been carried out for over 750 babies. The orphanage home has catered for 50 orphans and 48 presently live at the home.

Throughout the world, we have seen how you can significantly change the lives of orphans who are struggling through the funds you give. Mercy Home connects you, our Partners, with compelling projects and opportunities to make a difference in these children’s lives.

Mercy Home is working to meet a critical need by providing homes with love, mentoring, and important education for these young people at a time in their life when many are lost

The challenges the church and country face are in the areas of funding for the school-age orphans, medical supplies at the clinic, completing the Mercy Home Nursery/Primary School. gifts in cash and kind have been a great blessing. If you do wish to donate towards this cause, please make cheques payable to ‘Restoration Ministries’, with the word ‘Orphanage’ on the reverse, and send them to us at the address below.

There are also opportunities for churches to send teams to assist in the construction and development

Mercy Home Orphanage First Bank of Nigeria Plc Acc. No: 2122030004251
Domiciliary Acc No: 2122900729147



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