Reaching Nations of the world with the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST

In obedience to the call of God ‘to go to the nations’ Restoration Bible Church & Ministries International has continued to minister to nations in crusades, revivals, and leadership meetings.

We recorded increase in the number of souls turning to the Lord during the lockdown season and beyond. This is more so, when the terrain is a difficult one.

Many have been saved, healing and miracles have become commonplace; the blind, dead, deaf, dumb, tumors, cancers, and diverse miracles are witnessed. The prophetic ministry in these nations have been cutting edge with Churches , Homes and Ministers restored and invigorated. On the average Outreaches are conducted in eight to ten countries yearly.

Frontline Missions is outreach into the 10/40 Window. This includes mainly Muslim nations where churches are planted and built through partnership with indigenous believers in the area.

Presently, there are close to 300 churches in northern Nigeria and eleven other nations.

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