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Restoration School of Ministry is also known as Restoration Bible Training Centre a citadel of excellence was established in 1990, in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria. This Bible School is open to people of diverse races and tribes; men and women, young and old believers, people in the ministry, pastors, evangelists, prophets, teachers of the word. By the grace of God, we have graduated ted hundreds of students for the Lord, from inception till date.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to maturing believers and those with a calling to ministry to walk in the word and the Holy Spirit, to reap the harvest, and promote the spirit of revival and awakening in the last days.


Preparing the church for the harvest of souls and the return of Jesus.
Institutional Goals

The following goals are our focus:
Prepare laborers for the end-time harvest from the pew and the pulpit.
Provide a structure for the in-depth study of the word of God through an online and in-classroom instruction platform.
Provide a practical environment for students to experience the living of the word by means of weekly worship services, fellowships, Christian mentors, and role models.

Prepare men and women to be ambassadors of Christ in the market place such as education, health, business, technology, sports, politics, and the like.
Provide an atmosphere for the move of the spirit and properly articulate the things of the spirit.

Vision Statement

To nurture and prepare all believers to do their own works of the ministry, and as they do this enlarge and build up the body of Christ.

Our vision statement is hinged on these four principles:

Spiritually Vibrant

Our graduates are prepared with a passion for God and his word. They are equipped with a practice of living in the spirit. These dynamics will make them fastened and committed to the God-kind of life, hence, the day to day interaction becomes as led by the spirit of God; living out the Jesus culture

Academically Excellent

Our faculties and students have an excellent spirit. This solid foundation gives us the intensity needed for sound academic outcomes.

Growth Oriented

Our students are equipped with the necessary tools needed for fruitfulness and multiplication, as they pursue excellence in all their endeavors.

Student Centered

We value every student as one created in the image and likeness of God. Our students are a gift from God to us, hence our primary focus is to bring out the best of God’s standards in them.
Qualifications / Certifications Available & Duration

Basic Diploma – 7 months (Online and Classroom)
Practical — 4 months

Advanced Diploma
Basic (Online and Classroom ) 12 months
Practical 4 months



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