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To be a center for national and generational transformation, using Kingdom values and ideals.

Alpha University shall provide quality education, with a biblical and global context; raising men and women of excellence as ambassadors in all spheres of human endeavors, who will bring change in society and the world at large.

Motto: Be the Best.


Tunde & Tina Bolanta, the Apostolic Overseers of Restoration Ministries International became change agents 34 years ago, in the Muslim north of Nigeria, in the city of Kaduna. Together, we have pioneered several great things. We oversee about 400 churches; 45% of these churches are located in the Muslim north of Nigeria, and other neighboring Muslim countries… It’s been very wonderful to see what the Lord has done. Some of the work we have busied ourselves with in the past 34 years include outreaches:

Educational Sector Three Grade schools from kindergarten to 12th grade and a Bible School. Many students have graduated and have gone into higher education up to the university level.

Other outreaches include a bi-annual medical outreach with foreign and local physicians and surgeons reaching out to the less privileged in society, offering free and subsidized surgeries for the past 11 years. Over 100,000 patients have been reached in the past years.

Children’s Home & Orphanage

Children who are victims of terror and abandoned children are given a home care experience. These children are nursed and nurtured from kindergarten up to university level.

Free skill training center

We offer skills to people in different areas of life for self-sufficiency.

Relief Efforts to Terror victims

We have relief for victims of terror which are people who have been displaced due to acts of terror, especially children.

The Weekly feeding program: This reaches an average of 600 persons.

Inter-Faith Dialogue:  This fosters peace between us and our Muslim neighbors.

Against the above background, the Lord has dropped a vision in our hearts, to build a Christian university and to be a blessing to make an impact in our world.

I came under a strong conviction a few years ago, that one of the keys to bring transformation and generational change in our society is true Christian education with  Biblical values. Many people know this nation, much of what you hear is corruption, terror & violence. We believe that kingdom values embedded in the bedrock of education can change our world and bring about generational change. We desire to build a proper Christian University, with Christian values; an institution that will offer all kinds of courses, from humanities to medicine, Engineering e.t.c, offering courses taught in a regular University.

From the experience garnered from running three schools with kingdom values, all of which have produced outstanding Ph.D. graduates located all around the world, we believe we have had the right basic foundation in place. Putting into consideration, the history of our unique environment, one considered a tough ground having in existence the challenges of persecution and terrors of Boko Haram killings with death tolls rising daily and an increasing number of displaced persons these challenges call for the advancement of Kingdom values.

A few years back, the Lord ministered to us that the major key to change, especially in Northern Nigeria is through Christian University Education. Most of the Christian universities in Nigeria are located in the southern  & Middle belt region. The reason for this obviously, is that the resistance is rather negligible and the level of terror cannot be compared with the experience in the North. Thus, our desire to pioneer a Christian University with Kingdom values in the core Muslim north of Nigeria. It has been on our hearts to build something that will demonstrate to the world, the love of God. We believe that this will be a platform that over the long haul can showcase who we are on the inside and re-present the values of the kingdom of God.

This is our driving force. The next generation in this part of the world needs this heritage.

We long to pioneer this with the help of friends and people that share our vision.

Progress Report

We have been with the university commission and in the letter, they wrote to us in achieving our vision, they said: ‘The National Universities Commission (NUC) appreciates your interest in establishing a private university, and is willing to guide you in achieving your goals.  We have also attended several meetings with the NUC, where forms were obtained and initial costs paid. We already have permission to make a land purchase. We believe that networking with others will bring true diversity.

In view of the gigantic needs, we desire partnerships with people that wish to support our cause. Individuals and corporate bodies can donate buildings that will be named after them. To proceed with the NUC, the following requirements ensues:

  • $1 – $2 million Takeoff fund also known as Security Guarantee Fund ($1 – $2 million Takeoff fund also known as Security Guarantee Fund ( This fund is a proof to NUC that we possess the financial muscle to run a University);

If you will like to partner with us, kindly reach us on +2348028603333+2349138634244, or +2348100022040.

Account Number: 0655164136


Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB)

Sort code: 058113143

​Swift code: GTBINGLA

Iban:  GB 56 ANZB 203253 00664276